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Generations of Agriculture

Founded in 1937, Smith Family Farms IL is a  third-generation farming operation that was established in Elkhart, Illinois located in Logan County where the farm still operates  today. The farm has survived many challenging years and due to our willingness to change and to adapt to such circumstances, we  have paved the path to being successful in this ever-changing agricultural industry. Smith Family Farms IL  understands the potential impacts of all segments of agriculture and how they interweave to maximize profits. Today, Smith Family Farms IL is a growing operation that strives for not only sustainability but also profitability  by improving the land quality and commodities grown. As a result, Smith Family Farms IL is consistently working to protect  the industry in  surrounding communities.

Logan County Illinois Agriculture

Smith Family Farms is headquartered in the town of Elkhart, IL located in Logan County in the heart of Central Illinois. The operation excels in corn and soybean production with the  flexibility to diversify in wheat, seed production and organics. Central Illinois is recognized for its wide variety of soils with a large portion being some of the most fertile globally. The farm utilizes multiple onsite grain facilities enabling us to  capitalize not only on market  fluctuations  but also  to provide delivery location  affability. 

Technology – Sustainable Agriculture

Smith Family Farms understands the necessity of utilizing the latest technology not only to improve land efficiency but also to improve land value and productivity. Preserving the integrity of farmland while producing the most profitable yields, utilizing the latest technological resources is the goal at Smith Family Farms.

Why Smith Family Farms?

If you’re ready to grow your farming investment, are looking for honest, passionate, dedicated growers who will maximize yields and profitability, are seeking application of innovative technological advances in the farming business, consider working side-by-side with Smith Family Farms Illinois.


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